La Vella Your Guts Meal Plan


Fiber-full meal plan for optimal gut health

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Hi there gut lovers!

Wanting to do more good by your gut bacteria and create that 5-Star hotel of an internal ecosystem to boost your health and theirs?

Then this is the meal plan for you!

In this meal plan, you will find a shopping list, a 4-week menu, and recipes all curated to improve your gut.

One of the best ways to fix your digestive health is eating a wide variety of plant-based foods to diversify your microbiome. And this meal plan delivers! We recommend taking part in Dr. La Vella’s Primordial Paradigm workshop while following this meal plan for the best results.

Included in this meal plan:

Included in this plan:

  • The four-week meal plan designed to promote a healthy gut microbiome
  • Full shopping list
  • Recipes and instructions
  • 1-hour live group support on Zoom

*Warning- you will experience gas at first. Stick with it, it does get better. Each fart is dormant species of bacteria coming alive again. Keep feeding them fiber, and you will adjust.