Spring Clean Body and Mind Wellness Program


Clutter can appear in many forms, taking up space in our homes and our bodies. Enjoy the experience of making small changes that increase happiness and learn how to nurture a gentle attitude with yourself.

Enjoy calming instructional videos for meditation, de-cluttering, and creating relaxing nightly rituals. Nourish yourself with a meal plan designed to improve bowel movements to help the body efficiently dispel toxins and waste accumulation while at the same time replenishing a healthy intestinal microflora.

This package includes:

  • 7-day colon cleansing meal plan
    • Full shopping list and recipes
  • Kitchen cupboard cleaning tutorial
  • Mindfulness for slowing down
  • Guided relaxation and meditative activities to soothe the nervous system
  • Dry Brushing for Lymphatics
  • Tips for colon cleansing and gut health
  • Gut Yoga Class with Dr. Shyalah Schauer, ND. A sequence designed to improve digestion and move stagnant lymph through the body
  • Integration tips

Once purchased, you will download the meal plan to get started, and daily emails from artofmetabolism@gmail.com will deliver to your inbox for more information.