Plant-based stress and anxiety support meal plan


Help balance your autonomic nervous system with this plant-based meal plan designed to support neurotransmitters and microbiome metabolism.


Research shows magnesium plays a role in migraines and depression. Emerging data suggests magnesium can help with chronic and anxiety. Magnesium stimulates the MMC (migrating motor complex) of the gut so that bowel movements happen more regularly. Many people do not reach their daily recommended intake of magnesium through diet, which is why this meal plan provides over 500 milligrams per day of magnesium from whole foods!

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is effective when combined with magnesium in adults with severe stress. Women who consume more vitamin B6 are less likely to experience anxiety. Hormonal birth control pills are known to create B6 deficiency and are thought to be one of the mechanisms behind increased anxiety among women who take OCPs. A low B6 status may also increase panic attacks. Getting enough vitamin B6 through diet can support the body during stress and reduce anxiety. This plan incorporates vitamin B6 from many foods including chickpeas, nuts, bananas, and tofu.


Low iron is a known contributor to anxiety and depression. This plan contains good iron sources like tofu, lentils, and chia seeds. These iron sources are paired with foods that have vitamin C to enhance iron absorption.


Fiber is an important nutrient to reduce anxiety. It helps to control blood sugar and feed your microbiome to produce short-chain fatty acids which can decrease anxiety. Fiber can be found in this plan from whole grains, legumes, seeds, and cruciferous vegetables.